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Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me.

You need not delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones, the message is simple, be balanced, be mindful, be present, be here. 🙂

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Prince EA

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69 Responses to Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

  • I just want to say there are some points I don’t agree with in this video.
    Like, I have met some of the kindest people on the internet, some I would
    conciser my best friends… So, I don’t think people hanging out on the
    internet is as bad as you think it is..

    • You missed the whole point of the video. He’s not saying that us hanging
      out on the internet is bad, he is saying how much we use it is bad, and we
      need to be more social in person. I think you should really learn from this
      video, because if your best friends are people you have met on the
      internet, than I can guarantee that you have probably never met them in
      person, most likely because they live in a different state or country. If
      your best friends are people you’ve never met in person, then no offense,
      but it’s kinda sad.

    • +Erik Petersen why is it sad if you haven’t met them in person? They are
      still people

    • He’s not saying it’s a bad thing, he only says we abuse it and we shouldn’t
      because it’s unhealthy in many ways.

  • I don’t take selfies because I’m ugly..

  • Welp … Fucking leafy is gonna mess up your channel :/

    • Right? I love Leafy, but I disagree with him sometimes. I mean the guy is a
      complete and utter @$$hole, but in a funny way! lol There is nothing
      insanely wrong with this video to the point where Leafy had to roast it!
      xD(I don’t think he means even half the stuff that he says, though.)

    • Nah, true prince ea fans like me will stick with him

    • +TheRealJacob98 he doesn’t mean it. It’s entertainment

  • Anybody else here because you were pissed at leafy’ is video?

    • +Ryan Whitaker Sone people can be so blind. This is not fallacious
      reasoning, I agree with him 100% because I feel the same way and if you
      can’t see it it’s probably because you don’t want too.

    • Yeah

  • Leafy fucked up once again.. This dude did nothing wrong.

    • leafy is right tbh

    • +shameful display I could not agree with you any more than I am agreeing
      with you now

    • +Proteus Oh yes our technology is so great. Meanwhile people are literally
      dying to make our phones. Oh yeah, and have you seen how much of the earth
      is destroyed? Don’t come out here saying that we’ve progressed so much. All
      we’ve really progressed with is killing the earth quicker.
      And yeah actually, social media does cause anti social activity, and
      depression, and ADD, and if you can’t see that, man I’m sorry but you’re a
      fucking idiot. Oh yeah, also, since we’re so advanced, let us look at
      everything we’ve forced to go extinct on our way here, and everything we’re
      going to make go extinct. Look kid, you can deny the truth all you want but
      it won’t change that it’s true. Yeah, our technology is great, we live in a
      golden age of science and are close to reaching the peak of technology. But
      that doesn’t mean it doesn’t all come with a cost. Now, you seem smart
      enough to perhaps take this argument into your mind. Or maybe you’ll just
      attempt to prove me wrong and cuss me out as well.

    • +Proteus Also, are you from the UK because I was going to correct you on
      how to spell “realize” then saw that you said cuck, which I’ve only heard
      Brits say lolS

  • Lets destroy all technology and go back to the primitive days of sticks and

  • You make a living off of youtube. If it weren’t for phones and facebook,
    your content would not be viewed, so don’t be a hypocrite….

  • Before I continue, yes, I came from leafy’s video. But before you start
    judging, I promise no threats or swearing will be in this post, I don’t
    talk like that. I just want you all to consider the great contributions
    modern technology has made to society. I feel they outweigh the negatives
    produced by it. These negatives aren’t even technology’s fault, it’s a
    problem with us. And I think we can all agree that the guy in the
    restaurant is not the average person, unless he puts his phone down when
    the scene ends. Don’t blame the innovators and inventors, blame the people
    who misuse their creations.

  • leafy fags incoming

  • Leafy made a video of you. Please forgive him, we (his fans) are trying to
    convince him that you are not to be roasted.

  • LOL Where is the running fat kid and the wasteland filter?

  • Prince Ea, LeafyIsHere just made a mean video about you. Please just ignore
    him and all his fans.

  • You need not to respond to leafy. He’s one of those many people who crave
    the attention. It’s greedy of him and it fuels him. We know better. We have
    that love, knowledge and wisdom to walk forward, not towards.

  • Good video. I like leafy but I hope our army doesn’t wreck your channel.
    Good video👍🏽

  • What a cup.

  • Why are there so many people not getting the message? He never said social
    media is bad. Its just that we overuse it, we waste time with it, to the
    point that we become addicted to it. If you’re with your friends or family,
    put your phones (your social media) away and start socialising with them,
    learn to be present at the scene.

    • Basically 3 weeks ago Leafy created a video titled “I am a dickhead, you
      fans are dickheads, I don’t hate H3H3 we just wanted more subs, I am
      picking on a 2 year old amazing motivational video, go on try and ruin his
      channel, I know you guys will fail miserably as he is way better than me
      and I need to kill myself. Bye :D!”

  • who tf is leafy

  • You people still fight it and want to stick your ways. I’m sorry Ea, I
    wanna have faith but a majority of this generation is incredibly hard
    headed and ignorant I just don’t see the light. The internet has helped us
    but destroyed us.

    • I’m subbed and I have 0 idea how I found you here

    • love your content and i 100 percent agree with you man

    • It’s honestly really scary. I feel like I’m the only level headed person my
      age (20). I feel like this generation is so caught up in nonsense while I’m
      trying so hard to understand the fundamentals of life. I’m trying to have
      hope, but it’s hard.

    • check out Gary Turk’s video called “Look Up”. Similar message, and the same
      hard headed and ignorant commenters.

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