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My thoughts on these 2 pre paid carrier's Metro pcs and Boost Mobile what is the best one?
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32 Responses to Metro pcs vs Boost Mobile what is the best prepaid/No contract carrier?

  • BOOST MOBILE plans are a MILLION TIMES BETTER than those from Metro PCS!

  • Metro is better imo cause they accept Unlocked devices which means you can have high end devices with them

    • +Hunter Yelton since Boost Mobile shares CDMA network with Sprint

    • Martell Tha Cool yeah, but remember if it’s A Sprint prepaid device it would have to be used on Sprint for 6 months to a year before it can be used on boost. Along with it needs to have a clean IMEI

    • +Hunter Yelton somehow I was with Boost Mobile and left them for Sprint as I was switch from boost to sprint back in 2014

    • There are a whole bunch of Phones you can activate on Boost but yes it has to be a Sprint phone

    • Even the sprint phones you can use on boost are limited. I currently have an iphone 6 plus and wanting to upgrade only to find out the newest sprint device boost will support is the galaxy s6…..

  • boy you talk too much…you keep saying the same thing over and over….get to the point….!!!!


  • So basically you made a video and said a whole lot of nothing…………………………..

  • do the sylo3 plus

  • can you make a video about metro pcs vs. t mobile

  • This video serves absolutely no purpose other than getting clicks for the poster. Unethical.

  • Boost is terabyte do not call customer service

  • team boost (:

  • your title says which carrier is the best but you wont say which one… thats a waste of peoples time watching this videos…

    • +Kevin M Phares Phares only you can decide what’s the best is the point of the video. Just because if I say one is the best for me doesn’t mean it’s the best for you in your city.

  • team boost

  • metropcs is better

  • #teamboost never had an issue😍

  • team boost

  • You’re talking to sheep. You can’t make these sheeples become open minded. They’re always going to pick sides. That’s the nature of all of you humans. But hey, if you look on the bright side, at least you got yourself some views for your channel! Good job!

  • team T mobile

  • much ado about nothing, lots of talk and I get scammed to get to view

  • I had Boost Mobile when I lived in Ny never gave me an issue,good service and good cheap phones.When I moved to Florida I didn’t have Boost around my area at the time so I had no other choice but to go with Metro Piece of sh*t.Ten years with that company and not long ago they started to rip people off $50 for one line that you get nothing but 8gigs of data and no hotspot,then metro sold me a wire that burned and melted and it damaged my phone.Metro had the nerve not to even change me the wire which it was days old and they told me that I had to get a phone straight out of the company which it meant I had o pay shipping and be without my phone for ten business days but I still had to pay the $50 bill even though I had no use of the service for those ten days.I filed a complaint with Consumers Affair because I bought the phone from Metro itself and it was not even a year old.Metro doesn’t appreciate their customers at all otherwise they could have simply exchange me the phone since they knew and bluntly told me it was their charging wire that caused to damage my phone.Besides Metro phones are way to expensive for the cheap quality.Boostmobile phones are fairly priced and now they have the 4 lines for 100 bucks unlimited everything.My friends have the service and they are so happy with it,now is my turn to switch (Can’t beat an Iphone price for 200 bucks just for flipping off Metro and switching)Won’t miss Metro Piece of Junk at all.Don’t be fooled people with Metro or their brainwashed Metro users/losers.Metro are thirsty b*tches trying to leech on and steal your money.

  • Boost sells defective lg phones

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