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PaperPhone is the world's first nextgen, thin film smartphone and interactive paper computer. It is based on a 3.7" flexible electrophoretic (E Ink) display that does not consume electricity when it is not refreshed. Thinfilm sensors allow the phone to respond to bending of the screen to navigate pages in ebooks, play or pause mp3s, make phone calls, or navigate apps. A flexible wacom tablet allows users to draw on the screen with a pen as if it were a sheet of paper.
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30 Responses to Paper computer shows flexible future for smartphones and tablets

  • would rather touch an icon than awkwardly bend a screen that doesn’t have
    nearly close to the same target resolution as touching it does … might
    still be cool to have flexible displays so they don’t break tho

  • bending is cool… but i would like the function of it like a touch screen
    tablet instead of a bendable calculator.

  • Es genial esto!!!!

  • yeah.. why bending? seem so complicated… why not just touch it… its
    alot faster…

  • a giant future*

  • Hand cramp!!!

  • This came 5 years before Samsung copycat 😀

  • Stupid idea. It’s still easy to use the finger touch than bending the whole

  • Must try on my Nexus 7

  • the biggest issue i see with this is butt-dialing. if flexing it is an
    input method than its as prone to butt-dialing as those phone just before
    the flip-phone. if put into a pocket or purse than it would be touched by
    other objects or bent around by normal movement and that would most likely
    cause activity. the best way to prevent problems of this type would be to
    make sure it’s hard enough to unlock that just being bent and bumped into
    won’t unlock it.

  • Cool but I wouldn’t want to use that

  • ثقف نفسك جاي يضحك علينا :D

  • irritating phone

  • where do I buy one?

  • Is this real

  • No one is going to want to bend this fucking thing 10 god damn times or
    even 2 to dial a phone number. Great concept but with very minimal

  • dum

  • why bend ..why notjust simple touch. . it’ll take too much time. 

  • iPhone 6 Plus also bend. lol

  • This, sadly will never become a reality, at least in my lifetime. This is
    because smartphones need batteries, and though you could make circuit
    boards out of paper, you can’t make bendable batteries.

    • actually you can make flexible batteries, all you need is a container that
      wont leak and some contacts.

    • +Nick Martin Thats the hard part. A container that won’t leak. It needs to
      hold acid. Either way nobody is going to spend the money to make it,
      because why would anyone want a bendable phone?

    • yeah, fragility would be a huge deal buster in that regard.
      what do you think of removing the battery entirely? as in relying solely on
      external batteries/packs etc. then again that has its own cons…
      what I like most about the idea though is how it can be applied to other
      fields, imagine a waterproof electronic map that you can roll up and stuff
      in your bag while hiking?
      there’s always a niche.

    • almost forgot to mention why i’d love a bendable phone in the first place.
      rigid things tend to snap and break when you apply excessive force.
      a flexible phone might be a lot more resistant to blunt trauma if designed
      although i can easily imagine someone accidentally cutting a phone like
      thisnin half while cooking….a hybrid design might be best.

    • +Nick Martin droid turbo 2.

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