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Luddites of the world, unite!
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41 Responses to Questions People Without Smartphones Hate

  • Smartphones are too much hassle, they tend to hang up cause your face hits
    the BIG end call button, they break from a simple drop from your pocket to
    the floor, they EAT batteries alive, and people LIVE on them. I still use a
    flip phone, and I prefer it, they survive being dropped from a car window
    going 60mph, they last for DAYS without charge, they’re small and reliable.
    Regular cell phones do what a phone is made for, making calls.

  • What i do without an smartphone? Using Brain and enjoy living :P

  • People with flip phones UNITE!
    *realizes that I’m the only one still left with a flip phone*

    • nope you’re not. I’m in the 7th grade, and a lot of people have
      Iphones/Smartphones/Ipods etc. I’m cool with having like an Ipad on like a
      road trip to kill boredom, but when it’s getting in the way of actual human
      interaction…thats like…wtf? Phones are for interaction over long
      distance, not for killing interaction with people sitting right in front of

  • “So…do you just SIT THERE in the bathroom???”

    You guys have no life.

    • I always have the best ideas when I’m on the toilet.

    • That really grosses me out to think about people taking their phones in the
      bathroom with them. YUCK! Ew ew ew ew ew! Why?! Seriously, go to the
      bathroom, use it, clean up, and get out.

    • Wow we’re weird. We actually go to the bathroom in the bathroom? How
      strange and unusual….

  • I see three year olds with freaking ipads and an ipod. I’m just here like,
    WHERE DID THEY GET THIS MONEY. I have a phone that can’t even access the
    internet without shutting down for hours. SHUT UP PEOPLE. People are like,
    “lol u hve no phne lul u sck pls dnt tlk 2 me” I mean, i saw an 8 year old
    with 2 iphones AND an ipad. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK. Why does this exist. And
    by the way, i actually have a social life without a smartphone. I mean
    like, i’ll be talking to my friend and he’ll get a text, and then he’ll
    pull out a phone and ignore me for the rest of the day. I DON’T GET IT!!!

    • Congrats, you’re like 7 and have over 200 dollars for an iphone. Spoiled

    • +Narwhal Crew
      Well as far as I know, all my friends make fun of u if u don’t have the
      latest and greatest gadget aka smart phone. Especially when it comes to
      iphones. When it comes to androids, they age a little better.

    • To be honest, if my friends made fun of me for not having the newest iPhone
      there may be, i would question whether they are real friends or not. I
      mean, my phone i am happy with it. I will say it is frustrating texting
      someone who has a smart phone and when you try to text them they blow your
      phone up with like 5 messages. Do i feel bad for myself? Not at all, but
      for my phone i do.

    • Yes! Like, do they have a multi-millionaire biz?


  • half the comments: ” Im 11 and im so cool bc i dont have a smartphone like
    everyone else” O.k. u want a gold medal?
    when i was 5 i didn’t have one either.

  • i could relate to all of these

  • I really hope over half these questions are a bit exaggerated… If not, I
    have lost all hope in humanity.

    • +Emma Manx (Aviatorcat AJ) I have a flip phone and let me tell you, they
      are not. I’m surprised they didn’t include “So how do you download
      WhatsApp/Line/Whatever on that phone?… Oh, YOU DON’T? HOW DO YOU LIVE?”.
      Every single time.

    • Lol ikr. When people talk about Snapchat and stuff, I’m just standing there
      like,”Do you expect me to be able to get one on my slide phone?”

    • They are NOT exaggerated, let me tell you.

  • I have never had a smartphone, but i have tried to use one and it is so
    complicated… to be honest, all of this snapchat, instagram, twitter stuff
    is getting old too… i dont understand what the point in it is, especially
    twitter because if i wanted to tell people what i was doing every second of
    the day i would get a megahorn and as i walked down the street id yell

    • +Fan Man Andrew lol, a smartphone is not only about social media, i dont
      use social media…btw if u rly wanted to ,u would know how to use a

    • +twunk #games Yeah I know lol. I have tried using my mom’s iPhone before to
      text someone for her, it is hard. As for having one, I dont think i would
      need one, because i now have an iPad Mini and this thing is wonderful. I’m
      starting to calm down on the whole “iPhone” hatred i had, because I will
      say that it does make a lot of things easier for people.

    • +Fan Man Andrew I wish I had an iPad mini xD

    • +twunk #games Lol, I will say, they are worth every penny, especially mine.
      I love it, and even though mine was used before, but refurbished, It works
      like brand new, and looks just about brand new, minus a few nicks it has
      from previous owners.

  • True story

  • My phone is a phone, my PONO plays 24/96 and 24/192 music without a hitch,
    and my camera eats film. Each of them does one task, and does it VERY,
    VERY, well.

  • True.

  • That’s all me.

  • I want to smack all of you – im so happy I dont actually get asked these
    questions XD

  • why does it matter if someone doesn’t have a smartphone ?

  • As a young adult who has a flip phone this is totally relateable.

  • After hearing what they have to say after 1.00 I wonder how smartphones are
    really needed that time. People now are just getting less decisive and
    getting too dependent on phones…

  • What does my simple phone do? It prevents me from becoming a slave, unlike

  • I would like a Smartphone, But not Android or Apple or Windows based Phones.

    For me to take smartphones seriously, I would go for the Ubuntu Phone.

    A Linux Based OS phone..

    I would likely only use this so called *Phone* for Listening to Music.

    And the word *Smartphone* doesn’t justify the device any longer since it
    has way more functions then just calling someone.

    The word *smartphone* would likely have to be replaced with smart pocket
    computer or PC.

  • I’ve never had a smartphone and I definitely never want one. I have a
    corded telephone, a postbox and an email-address. And if I wanna hear music
    I got my record player. And I’m still happy.

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