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For Sunday night's "60 Minutes," Anderson Cooper got a rare insider's look at how Silicon Valley gets users glued to their phones. He spoke with former Google product manager Tristan Harris, who quit and now advocates for better use of smart devices. Harris joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the "attention economy" and companies' engagement strategies.

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29 Responses to Silicon Valley insider on why smartphones are “slot machines”

  • Honestly its true i lived well without a phone up till i was 18 only reason i bought it was i needed gps and a number to receive job interview calls and text, but the monthly bill, needing/wanting the latest $1000 phone and the always being brain dead playing watching videos the urge tp receive and send Notifications outweighs the good

  • A woman once broke up with me because I didn’t text her fast enough. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Another completely different woman broke up me because I touched her smartphone without asking first….

    • You are better off to be away from that shallow woman. You probably already know that by now. Best wishes.

    • hate to break it to you bro but not texting girls back fast enough actually makes them want you more, she broke up with you for other reasons

  • I don’t have a “smartphone”….just a feature phone for emergencies. Don’t let this crap rule your life.

    • The iPhone is just a device–you can use it productively or just in a trivial way.

    • the iPhone is very addicting I know some people can just use for phone calls,useful stuff and they don’t get addicted.they are lucky, however some people can get addicted to it such as kids teenagers and anyone else who is trying to escape reality,for whatever reason.I know some of them who spend more time looking at their phone instead of talking to eachother!scrolling through Instagram etc.they lost touch with reality.

    • Okay, and all the best. Just one other thought: there is no such thing as virtual “reality”–either something is real or it’s not.


    • Perception is Reality. Whether it is virtual, actual, or imagined. Similar to the difference between fact and truth.

  • Try to avoid internet for a week and see what it does with you.

  • They needed 10 yrs to figure that out?

  • There’s an app that delays apps opening by 12 seconds in order to discourage overuse. I am trying to find it. If anyone knows the name of it for andriod then please reply. Thanks.

    • Come Alive my original android phone did that by itself. You could just downgrade to a droid x. Make sure you don’t get a droid x2. They only delay 6 seconds.

  • 10 days later Eric Clanton hit him with a bike lock

  • Closed my Fakebook account ages ago. Don’t have a smartphone. don’t ‘do’ twitter, whatsapp, whatsever. Even check my email only once a day. Man, I feel gr8.

    • trust me same here,i deleted my facebook 2 weeks ago and I did the same thing to Instagram.i don’t regret the decision.

  • because he doesn’t have his job anymore…

    • Shut Up. You dont a guy hired by google cant get a software job again ? If someone is caring about ethics then acknowledge it.

    • Sports vids Hasnat You shut up. Actually, no don’t shut up 😂 Tell me, was he caring when he had his fancy job?

    • +Jay K​ maybe he quit for this purpose.

  • E.T. Slots. E.T. Kilns. They gamble, too. They gambled at the Cross. They gambled at 51 and they gambled at Boise. Why do you think the tribal lands all have casinos now?

  • Sensationalist news is absolutely partially responsible for downfall of the country

  • hi

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