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I love innovation. Here are 5 genius smartphone accessories made to enhance the mobile experience (in no particular order).



Novelsys Ampere

Ollo Clip:

4.7 – 6" Mobile VR Glasses:

Worshyper – Stained Glass Bimbo

George Morel – Let's groove

Hannah Georgas – Enemies (Elènne Remix)

Cahb – Secrets

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40 Responses to Top 5 Genius Smartphone Accessories!

  • your voice is super soothing, and videos are really well made

  • wow truly excellent technologies. I was amazed by them

  • 5 Innovative YouTube channels :

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  • Make a video about the rise and fall of blackberry 

  • Every time I see a video that has something I wanna buy it’s on
    kickstarter.. 🙁
    I wanted a kiitag but it looks like the project was dropped in September
    2015. Plus it seems like every time you see something “new” or innovative
    on kickstart, by the time it come out, if it comes out, miraculously
    another company makes their own polished version of it if support was high.
    Pebble watch, Oculus rift, etc..

    I just want a kiitag, and i’m pissed off “every time” isn’t a compound word

  • 4.7 – 6″ Mobile VR Glasses is DISCONTINUED

  • I think the phone blocks invention was actually supposed to be a phone at
    first, you buy it and change certain parts instead of buying a whole new
    one. At least the case serves the same purpose.

  • Ampere: Replace your bulky power bank…….. with a bulk case.

    • and get leg cancer

    • +Lindle Lee well….guess this product isn’t for you. I can see your point,
      but I also see use-case scenarios for this.

    • +Lindle Lee I was just going to say this… what a waste. I guess other
      than the one obvious perk, (its a pouch as opposed to an external unit with
      a cord attached to a bulky power bank) there thousands of other products
      out there that do the exact same thing, and im sure for half the price

    • +Lindle Lee Hey Lindle! The advantage of Ampere being a sleeve is that 1)
      you’re always returning your phone to its sleeve, so you’ll never run out
      of battery throughout the day, whereas you have to remind yourself to plug
      into your power bank 2) it looks better- 100% genuine leather- when you’re
      on-the-go! 3) we have tons of extra features to make your charger more
      useful, like a location feature!

    • +Novelsys the problem with that is bulk. I keep my phone in my pocket
      caseless. I can’t do that with a bulky sleeve. With a usual powerbank, I
      would just keep it in my bag and have the wire running from bag to pocket
      when I need it. This also avoids the constant charging and stopping of
      charging that can break the battery. I often use my tablet as my power bank

  • those cases cost up to $100 dollars! just wow

  • i want to take a couple solar cells from calculators and possibly convert
    it into a charging mechanism for my phone

  • Ampera was so bad. They are wireless charging, but never showed a phone
    charging. Plus they were using an iphone. And iPhones don’t even have
    wireless charging. 

    • +Marcus Nordal
      I do not assume anything, I just checked it on their site. I even give a
      link in my previous comment. It is wire-less because they use coils to
      transfer energy like in any other wire-less charger.

    • +dean birnie Nope they mean wireless charging, there is an option to use
      USB cable to charge like in normal power-banks, but the main advantage of
      Ampere is that you do not need to use cable.
      There are plenty of casing for Nokia Lumia, Samsung Glaxy and Sony Xperia
      phones that allows you to charge them wireless. Ampere is providing a case
      for Iphone that allows wireless charging (
      +Mufassir Suhanoo (MUFS) wireless chargers are quite slow, because of low
      current (mostly 0.5 or 0.8A). Your phone will heat up less with that kind
      of charger than with some fast USB one (above 1A). Sometimes I’m using USB
      power bank (1.5A) in my backpack and I didn’t have any problems with
      overheating. Only time when I have this problem is when I’m both charging
      and heavily using my phone (playing games, or using phone as
      camcorder/navigation in car). When you are keeping your phone in pocket or
      backpack it is mostly idle.

      The idea is good, but my main concern is efficiency. Wireless charging is
      not efficient, a lot of energy is lost. Using cable you can charge you
      phone faster and the energy in power-bank last for longer (more charges).

    • +Spraco Gaming The case is a battery pack, when you push the phone down you
      plug it into the case… When they say “wireless”, it’s because you can
      carry the battery pack around and charge your phone without connecting to
      an outlet… Will work with any device provided Ampere have a connector for

    • I also want to mention one other thing here is that phones tend to heat up
      while charging, that’s why they are not suggested to put under your pillow
      to avoid unwanted tragedies. If you charge your phone while in the pocket
      or bag, it might start a fire because of the trapped heat. I wonder why the
      inventors didn’t think about that???

    • +GODsaveTHEcat It’s as simple as “wireless charging”. They might not mean
      what you
      assume. Wireless means WIRE-LESS. Meaning no wires. There are no wires in
      that charging pack, only the tip of an USB/Lightning connector.


  • I love your voice xD

  • Thank you!! ☺👍

  • Hai dong ý Cho can ban top 5 Minh biet can ban rat Tai Gioi. thanks

  • 1:48 number 4
    it’s Google’s & Motorola’s project Ara impossible project bcuz smartphone
    companies don’t make all parts of their phones camera from lg,battery from
    Sony,processor from Qualcomm or mtk
    they can’t group up

  • What’s the video of the iPhone and the Nokia at the beggining?

  • Why don’t we still have breakthroughs in battery technology yet? Want a
    video about why we are stuck

  • The sonic cable for iphone

  • انا عندي موبايل droid turbo2

  • 3:47 how is it able to wirelessly charge an iphone?

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