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(HTC One)
(Nokia Lumia 920)
(BlackBerry Z10)

42 Responses to Top 5 Smartphones For 2013

  • those commercials…

    the Nokia commercial: “we got the rights to this fucking song so we are
    gonna use it… you still get the shitty operating system with this joke
    appstore we have”

    HTC: “hey do you like music like justin bieber and you have a facebook
    addiction but your parents wont buy you an iphone? boy do we got the phone
    for you”

    Blackberry: “we can make big black button free phones too… oh god please
    buy our phone”

    Sony: “yeah… its a smartphone… but lets just pretend its a very
    expensive wrist watch when we make the commercial”

    LG: “hey dont look at the phone, look at this guy doing some tai chi…
    and now look at the pretty colors and shapes DONT LOOK AT THE PHONE, THE

    • You don’t even have a windows phone you are being so you are being
      ingnorant. Windows Phones OS is by far the best Phone OS I have ever used.
      And trust me I have used everything from IOS to LINUX on a mobile. Windows
      phone is on the rise and with it it is getting more and more apps each

    • +PCconsolegamer never thought i would run into a windows phone OS fanboy

      also what makes you think i dont have a windows phone ? maybe i have one
      and iam really pissed about it so i make fun of the operating system and
      the appstore… ever thought about that ?

      well i dont have one… i have the Xperia Z… okay iam done pretending i
      actually care about you or your opinion

    • +PCconsolegamer AGREED!

  • Where is galaxy s4!!!!!????

  • Lumia is just bullshit :P

    • agreed

    • Lumia is not bs. (except for the market which has no minecraft) I’ve been
      waiting for the lumia cyan update so i can get WP 8.1, but have you
      considered the CAMERAS???? Man, they are extremely HD! The 1020 can
      post-zoom in up to 6 TIMES without losing quality! Nokia also has apps for
      windows phone which is like the nokia camera app that can take a lot of
      photos like a burst shot and along with the burst shot it can remove moving
      objects, add a motion blur, choose the best shot and even by itself make an
      animated photo! I like to rip things out of exsitence with that camera (or
      at least in the photo) for some reason though it doesn’t really rip out
      moving fan blades repeatedly cuz theyre too fast, but the burst shot can
      help by taking out people form a scenic shot. Lumia even has an accesory
      that is much like tile (that thing for finding things) IOS, do we really
      need tile? the lumia can do that too! I am planning on gettting a lumia
      1020 as an upgrade to my lumia 822… which is epic already. Oh geez, i
      have a racket with these long comments!

      P.S. On WP 8.1 you can have one of those swipe to type keyboards! Sadly,
      there is only one keyboard you can use……..

  • XPERIA my whole life!

  • xperia z 1st place ! THE BEST OF SONY!!!

  • noob iphone 5 is better

    • +Human Hair I don’t tend to drop my phone in water or dust, or tend to drop
      it at all! Plus not everyone wants a big screen!

    • a minecraft player…i dont wonder that someone like you posts this

    • +RoonixDesigns I don’t see how me playing minecraft affects my phone
      choice? Also.. I’ve pretty much stuck to iPhone cause it’s so handy for
      switching from phone to phone. I guess once you start it’s hard not to keep
      going with it cause everythings saved in iTunes just lot of hassle to
      switch to anything else?

      That and minecraft apparently is a huge factor into why I get an

    • +Ryan D’souza i meaned lubo9…btw 99% of all minecraft players are 10-year
      old kiddies who cry and scream if their ishit is white instead of black…

  • this is by far the most stupid video i’ve ever seen…

  • no iphone 5s but nokia lumia??? common…

  • Sony xperia z best!!!!!!!!

  • Y is iPhone 5s not on this

  • For the mid-range market, the sony xperia sp. Still a great phone that can
    out-perform other devices of its category as of January 2015.

  • xperia z Op

  • Where iPhone 5 s?

  • Sony Xperia z ultra my life…. I am so happy cz I have a Sony Xperia ™ z
    ultra… Top 🔝 1 smartphone 📱 Xperia 

  • Sony xperia 

  • Sony xperia

  • very happy I have the waterproof z, best out of all in terms of its feature
    but HTC one for its design

  • Iphones are only good in terms of quality. However because they are such
    ripoffs paying fakin 600 dollars just for an HD screen without multitasking
    and customization it made me hate the company. I will never buy any apple
    product anymore because they just think we are sheeps that just buys iPhone
    anyways even if it has high price because a lot of people buy it.

  • nexus 5 is the best of the year in 2013!

  • ffr

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