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5 Best flagship smartphones coming in the next few weeks!

5. Moto X 2 (0:34)
4. Sony Xperia Z2 (1:48)
3. Samsung Galaxy S5 (2:46)
2. New HTC One M8 (3:36)
1. Oppo Find 7 (4:56)

Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on Impressions:

12-minute HTC One M8 Hands-On:

HTC M8: What to Expect!

Oppo Find 7 50mp Camera leak:

Oppo Find 7 Teasers:

Video Gear I use:

Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


56 Responses to Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones! (Early 2014)

  • Sadly oppo find 7 is only has13megapixel sensor, I think it will not in the
    same league as S5 and Z2.
    Yes, it produces 50megapixel image by combines multiple pictures, and
    that’s means we should not shake our hand while taking picture, second
    there will be another 2-5 sec to process the data which is inconvenient in
    everyday use.
    And last, I only believe Nokia and SonyEricsson camera. 

    • Dude, 3 megapixels aren’t going to make a camera ten times better or worse.
      A good camera doesn’t need to have 500000 megapixels. And since the Find 7
      is a high end phone, the camera will not be bad.

    • Oppo has the camera hardware from sony btw.

  • I don’t understand your shirt lol

  • Also cant wait to see what apple do with iphone 6, bigger screen etc ???

    • Well not really shure if apple is going to be a top brand… They got to
      have a bigger screen, full hd or like find 7 2,5 k display. They got to
      have a better processor also and a better battery, so alot to do for

    • I dont know, their small battery lasts just as long as s4 does if not
      longer, that a7 processor is beast, 64 bit helps camera to i think 5s
      camera is best out there. But specs dont really matter and 5s is perfect
      example of that, it keeps up with high end devices if not its better, with
      specs that are not that good.

    • +Dion Laban but you are comparing an iphone with an iphone but you can’t
      compare it with an android phone so yeah that bothers me a bit. And i
      didn’t see an iphone somewere in the top one. And spec do matter, if you
      have like a fake galaxy s4 that looks like it but a not even hd screen and
      a single core processer, your replica sucks then.

  • Seriously?? Oppo is the number one phone? While I agree, the phone sounds
    to be quite impressive…. BUT it wont be sold in the US…. X(

  • MY godl Sony on the fourth? Thats the phone that in a sense is even better
    than Samsung S5 or HTC One M8. To be honest Sony Xperia Z1 should be number
    1 or at least number 2.

    • +Kev Terrance I think it depend on where you are. Sony is more popular in
      Europa, Asia and South America, but he do tend to think USA most of the
      time. its sad, because I do like he way to review stuff.

  • iphone 6

  • @omgitsme435 the rumored iPhone 6 will be the same as iPhone 5s. Really?
    gs5 is way different than gs4 right? What about htc one? What about z2? Are
    those different than previous models?

    • The gs5 is almost no different from the gs4. It is now water-resistant, has
      a slightly better processor, and now has a heart rate monitor. The htc one
      m8 is very different (mostly on the outside, although a new processor). the
      Z2 looks very similar to the Z1, although it definitely has some new
      features and and hardware, it pretty much looks the same.

  • a truckload babies?

  • Galaxy Note 4

  • He guys! I just switched to android.. i used iphone for like 3 years.. but
    there is something iritating me from android.. i hope i can explain this
    right. When u press and open an app on a iphone, it turns dark “u know u
    press on it” so it “feels” like a actual button.. but when i press on a
    android app i dont see that happen… and somethimes it takes like 1/ 1,5
    second to open the app so im thinking.. hey i didnt press it good so i
    press another time and it opens… is there a tweak or app that can do this
    to android apps??? Its bot a huge problem.. but i realy like the feeling of
    pressing a real button when opening a app.. try it out for yoursellf just
    grap a ios device, open a app and keep watching the app.. youll see it turn
    dark to confirm that you have pressed the app.

    Any help would be nice!!


    • I guess you are talking about the animations? AFAIK you need to either
      enable developer settings to change the length of the animations.

  • lg g3?
    whats up with that?
    My G2 is a BEAST! with better specs then most of the phones even now.
    I’m pretty sure i’ll get the G3. 3 GIGS OF RAM AND A POSSIBLE TUNED

  • iPhone 6

  • that 50mp camera must be bullshit, there is no reason whatsoever to put a
    50mp sensor on a regular lens, let alone a tiny phone lens.

  • nexus 6

  • why the best smartphones are never in view? How many stupid videos peoples
    have to make! Xperia Z2 or Z3 are the best.! u should prefer Xperia..

  • It’s hard to be leave this was posted a year ago.
    It feels like it was watched 2 days ago.

  • Find 7- the best

  • no iphone 6??

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